Baguette (Why is Paris so romantic, part II)

So I just got back to Shanghai a few days ago, and yesterday I bought a Baguette from the french bakery near my apartment because I really miss paris. But the Baguette here lack of the romantic flavor that I tasted in Paris!

Even though I am technically Chinese, I am a big fan of bread and pastry in general, and especially after living in Amsterdam, bread has become a huge part of my life. Sadly you can’t find really good bread here in Shanghai (perhaps Baker & Spice and Sunflour in SH). While I was in Paris, the window front of bakeries (or shall we say Patisseries?) were as attractive as any fashion store, actually I should say they are more attractive than any other stores in the city. From Baguette to Croissant to Macaron to all the french words that I can’t pronounce nor read (but all I know is they are delicious), Paris is heavenly delicious.

My favorite sweets is the almond stuffed Croissant (croissant aux amandes?), unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of it, and i guess you know why. I don’t know who can resist all these beautiful, colorful, fragrant, sweet, delicious and tasty pastries. Smell is one of the most important human senses, technically different scents can make (or suggest or lead) you doing different things. I believe, the smell of sweet pastries will make you fall in love in Paris.

IMG_4581The flaky and crispy crust of the croissant filled with not-too-creamy almond paste and covered with pieces of glazed almonds. The texture were just beyond description. Apparently, croissants aux amandes are (or were) made from leftover croissants! This might be the non-romantic part, or shall I say, Parisan can turn something unwanted into something really delicious! Quite magical indeed!

In the Amsterdam, people always walk with umbrella; in Paris, people walk with a stick of Baguette casually. French pastry can be so fancy (like macaron), but what I like about French bread and Croissants are the casualness of them. You can eat Baguette in many different ways, with butter, with nutella, with jam, with ham, with chicken, or in plain. This is the beauty of Paris, Parisan are casually chic and romantic. They are not trying too hard. The aroma of Paris just make you fall in love instantly.

@ shanghai home missing my Croissant aux Amandes.


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